Experience movie magic with Child’s Play NY! Kids get to make and star in their own film, with professional actors, directors and designers. The finished product gets edited into a film for them to enjoy! From development to design to editing choices too, kids can take ownership over the creative process. Each group is fully customizable – extra sessions can be added to further rehearse or film the project.

1. Create your story

In a pre-production meeting, you will develop the characters, plot of your original story. Kids can also pick from favorite fairy tales and fables and choose to bring those to life! (1 session)

2. Cast your Movie

Casting is key – hire your siblings, friends and family to be your collaborators. Child’s Play NY professional actors (up to 2 teachers) can round out the ensemble as needed.

3. The Writers Room

Learn techniques that help drama, comedy and character emerge! Work on the writing though improvisation and get the blueprint for your own script. (2 sessions + asynchronous writing work)

4. Pre-Production Power!

Decide on what the essential scenic design, props, sound and visual effects will be. Get support from our team to craft them yourself. (1 session)

5. Rehearsals: From read-through to run-through 

Gather with your cast and run the show.  Give notes as a director, along with support from the Child’s Play NY team. (2 sessions)

6. 3-2-1 Action

Time to shoot your movie! The script is ready, the lines are learned, and the props are in-hand. Get ready to make movie magic. (1 session)

7. Post-Production 

Work with our editor and approve a final cut. Weigh in on music choices, opening montage, and end credits! (optional session)

8. Red Carpet Premiere

The film is ready to be seen! Virtually gather your friends and family for a screening. Come dressed to the nines and be ready for all the applause as your film airs live! (1 session)

Who leads the sessions?

In addition to any professional actors needed for the film, each session has a Child’s Play NY producer. Additional faculty can be brought in to support the Writers Room, Rehearsals and Post Production. 

Who can do this?

This is for kids ages 7-16. There can be up to 4 student-creators on a project, and 6 child-actors at a time. 

What’s the timing of this?

There are 8 total sessions of learning. There is developmental work (writing and designing) that happens on the students’ own time. We design a schedule that works for your crew.  

This creative process will occupy kids for hours – both in a structured way with scheduled  meetings and in a creative way with design-elements and script writing.  

What does this cost?

Packages start at $1,500 for 8 sessions and a fully produced short film. Contact us to learn more. Payment can be split among the kid-cast members or sponsored by one family.

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“The Child’s Play ‘Make Movie’ program was a gift during the months when so many of the fun, creative outlets our kids usually have were gone. My son couldn’t wait for each session to begin, and seeing the project come together was a joy for our whole family. The entire Child’s Play team are amazing teachers and artists. We are huge fans!”
Elise Roeker