Getting started couldn't be simpler...

There is indeed!

If 6 children (including your own) enroll in the class, you receive a reimbursement of 50% of the tuition after the first class.

If 7 children (including your own) enroll, you receive full tuition reimbursement after the first class.

If we are renting space for your class, the discount depends on the number of students enrolled and the rental cost.


Sessions can either run for a trimester (9-11 weeks) or semester (11-17 weeks). We confirm the calendar with you to make sure it works with your schedule!

All classes meet once a week. For ages 3-5, class runs for 45 minutes. Ages 5+ up meet for an hour.


We require a minimum of 5 paying children in order to run the class.

Depending on the size of the space, we can accommodate between 7-10 children per class!


We are flexible. We need an open space, free of games of toys, to maximize our play! Open living rooms, offices, or playrooms where toys can be moved or covered often work perfectly.

Additionally, if your building has a yoga studio you can reserve that also works well.

If you have a favorite neighborhood play space or studio that offers rentals, we also can work with them to rent space for your class!


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