Imagine That

A princess hails a cab in Brooklyn…a shark needs to visit the dentist…a superhero visits the grocery store to power-up…a pirate wants a playdate with YOU! Let your imaginations run wild when we put incredible characters into real-life scenarios.

By acting out their favorite characters and navigating real-life scenarios, PreK kids unleash their imaginations and tap into their intrinsic sense of play.

For the 2019-2020 school year, Imagine That classes are offered at Avenues: The World School and Cobble Hill Playschool.

4-6 year old boy in animal fairytale costume for fun theatre class

Create a Class!

Create your own Imagine That class today! Child’s Play NY will work with you to curate a class your child & their friends will love. Join dozens of families who customize Child’s Play NY classes to fit their kids’ needs.

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Play is not only our creative drive; it's a fundamental mode of learning.

— David Elkind, Phd

In play, a child is always above his average age, above his daily behavior; in play, it is as though he were a head taller than himself.

— Lev Vygotsky