Learn How to Play at Home

Join our Executive Director, Jocelyn Greene, for a boost of inspiration for ways we can support open-ended and child-centered play at home. We’ll discuss how play is developmentally valuable, the many ways that children learn through play and offer suggestions for games that support social-emotional skills and executive function. Get resources for how to keep your children’s imagination flowing, and a “playlist” suggestion for screen-free indoor games and games for playdates. Come with your parenting challenges and let’s see how the use of play can help us – and our kids – thrive!

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What our customers say…

“I’ve had the pleasure to work with Jocelyn and Child’s Play NY both as a parent and as a professional in the early childhood space. Jocelyn and the whole Child’s Play NY team have unlocked a whole new way for me to think about play, parenting and educating young children. They’ve taught me that play is serious business – how it unlocks children’s creativity, allows them to access higher executive functioning skills and, most importantly, develops a foundation of empathy and emotional resiliency – and given me the tools and resources to find new and richer ways to play at home. And their emphasis on play as a way to grow the whole child gives me hope for the people our littles one will become. 10/10 recommend Child’s Play NY as a philosophy and a practice in raising and educating young kids!”
Laura Tulchin, Chief Strategy Officer at Imagine Early Learning Centers