At Child’s Play NY we use theater to help children make meaningful social and academic strides. When children learn the craft of acting, they cultivate self-expression, creativity, and joy! They gain lasting friendships, confidence in their new-found skills and the ability to make a positive impact in our world. Young people tap into their creativity, practice bravery and learn techniques that can serve them for the rest of their lives.

Game-based curriculum teaches valuable skills to young people.

Exciting and varied themes connect to their passions and open up new interests.

Rigorous productions provide opportunities for joyful effort.

Small class sizes mean all kids have plenty of stagetime to develop their craft

Musicals and classical texts expose kids to complex language and plot.

Top-notch theater professionals make learning acting fun.

Theater Adventures

Students are empowered to move, sing and act their way through classic and contemporary children’s literature and create their own adventures. They are led by expert theater artists with early childhood education experience who are skilled at centering kids’ imaginative adventures.
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Make a Musical
PreK-2nd Grade

Students work on a specific show and use its plot as a springboard for their own mini-plays. They learn the basics of vocal warm-ups, character development, singing and choreography from our expert teachers.
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Scene Study
1st-5th Grades

These ensembles develop original stories and rehearse scripted scenes. We build a company of skilled performers; centering bravery, imagination and truthfulness. Improvisation and theater games help stoke creativity, develop the company and the spirit of play.
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1st-5th Grades

Yes...And! In this dynamic improv class, students learn the tools to think on their feet, listen and respond with wit, and be creative in the moment. Kids get practice being spontaneous, collaborative and hilarious while making something they can be proud of.
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Musical Players Productions
1st-6th Grades

In our small ensembles, kids get scripts, roles and rehearse each week for an exciting show. Many talented theater professionals support them on the journey: They collaborate with a director to develop their character and learn acting technique as well as a music director and choreographer. This is an incredible creative process that supports grit, bravery and creativity.
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Shakespeare Players Productions
3rd-5th Grades

Young people rehearse and perform an abridged version of a Shakespeare play. Classically trained professional actors direct the students in their physical, vocal and emotional transformations. The final production is a thrilling theatrical event.
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Middle School Ensemble
6th-8th Grades

From Greek Myths to Shakespearean Histories, our middle school ensembles tackle great plays and relish a challenge. Supported by top-notch theater artists and inspired by each other, students do work that is brave, specific and nuanced. The culminating performance is a showcase of their dedication and talents.
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Create Your Own Class

Make your own custom group to support social-emotional growth and play. We provide a dynamic teacher and our lauded curriculum that puts peer-interaction at the front and center. Sessions are built around a theme or content that brings your child joy! Custom classes are a special way to nurture what your child loves most and share that excitement with their friends.
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About Us

At Child’s Play NY, our mission is to empower the next generation through the theatrical arts. Through our programming, we uplift student voices, ignite curiosity, and center compassion. We seek deep truths about the characters we embody, and the stories we tell. The work is both a mirror for self-reflection and a doorway through which we travel for a deeper understanding of other perspectives. Learn more about our story.

Child’s Play NY classes are helmed by professional actors with years of education experience. These artists are nurturing, creative, and charismatic teachers who delight in sharing their passions with young people. Our teaching artists work in Child’s Play NY programs and at our partner schools. You can feel great about entrusting your child’s artistic education to them for an enriching class experience.


“Child’s Play NY has been an incredible experience for our son. The rigour of the approach to the text is so exciting and the physical work is thrilling. The rehearsal process is serious, inclusive and a lot of fun. I have watched so many kids blossom in this process. It builds self esteem and self expression. It’s a truly fantastic program.”
Elizabeth Marvel
“Our son had such a wonderful experience at Child's Play! Not only did it help bring out his inner creativity, Child's Play also helped instill a sense of confidence in him. We thoroughly enjoyed the final performance - like all of the parents in attendance, we wore a smile as wide as the Grand Canyon throughout. This has truly been a wonderful learning experience for our son, culminating in an unforgettable evening!”
Jim Scheele

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