Ever wanted to write a song but didn’t know where to start? Feel like you have rhymes and melodies bursting inside you and you need to share them out? Songwriters’ Club is here to help!

Young people have so much to say about the world around them, and writing songs can be an empowering way for them to express themselves. Songwriters Club is a program where they learn technique, skill and find their own voice – literally!

In Songwriters’ Club kids learn:

  • – Poetry and Rhyme
  • – Chords and functional harmony
  • – Song structures like chorus/verse and “through composed” form
  • – Storytelling & Narrative
  • – How emotions are linked to modes and keys
  • – How to give and receive feedback using collaborative communication skills.

This program is a 7 week intensive culminating in a published version of finished songs in a cabaret concert.

For spring 2021:

Classes alternate between in-person and online learning.
The calendar consists of 7 weekly classes with homework between sessions.
Available for groups of 2-5 students.

In-person lessons will focus on rehearsing, devising music through improvisation, combining movement with music and activating imagination to support creativity. Remote classes will focus on setting words to music with whatever instruments you have in the house!

Each student must have their own instrument for virtual lessons, and all levels of facility with that instrument are welcome. You can even show up with an iPad and GarageBand!

What you need at home during virtual sessions:

Instrument of any variety that you can play on – ukulele, piano, keyboard, drum OR iPad or computer with GarageBand

Songwriters’ Club is led by Nick Fitzer

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