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“Success is relative — it has been a gradual and rewarding climb for sure,” Greene said. “Within the first year of founding the company it felt triumphant just because I was able to put profits back into growing the company’s reach. Every year I look to expand the number of partnerships we have and the kinds of classes we offer.”

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“Older children begin performing Shakespeare and studying Greek texts to help immerse themselves with story, character, and language as part of the classic ensemble. All classic ensemble teachers are trained professional actors with experience performing Shakespeare on Broadway and regional productions across the country.”

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Brooklyn Family Magazine

“Summer camps in July and August put imagination center stage as kids work to develop their own mini-plays in a week. Helmed by teaching artists at the top of their field, Child’s Play NY also offers customized birthday parties, after-school classes, and residencies.”

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Time Out New York Kids

“Tiny thespians are treated to a wide variety thanks to this creative camp. Professionals are on hand to guide little actors and actresses with any task—singing showtunes, waving wands and much more.”

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Tiny Beans

“The Pre-K set can unleash their imaginations and act out whatever they can conjure in Imagine That, its Adventure Series finds young kids reimagining classic and contemporary stories from children’s literature, and older kids who are a little more serious about theatrical pursuits can explore musicals, Shakespeare, Greek tragedy and more.”

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Mommy Nearest

“Whether it’s the Imagine That class for toddlers or the Shakespeare Players program for tweens, Child’s Play NY feeds any kind of creative inclination your little ones may harbor.”

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New York Metro Parents

“Joyful party games are tailored to fit the theme and make your child the star of the day. Professional actors help kids unleash their imagination”

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Microsoft News

“Games can be played with a time limit, even as little as five minutes, and incorporated into your everyday routine. The benefit of ritualizing playtime simplifies things for parents and uses repetition so kids learn how to play the games on their own.”

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Broadway World

“These workshops provide dynamic programming for schools seeking to integrate social and emotional learning into their curricula.”

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New York One

“A theater program in Brooklyn is using Shakespeare to help elementary school students connect with their emotions. Child’s Play New York brings professional actors to lead theater workshops in more than a dozen schools around Brooklyn.”

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“Child’s Play NY is a small company with a big heart. They offer lots of options for you to connect with your children and help unlock their creativity.”

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