The Art of Play

When children learn the craft of acting they cultivate self-expression, creativity, and joy! They gain lasting friendships, confidence in their new-found skills and the ability to make a positive impact in our world.

High School Ensemble

Our high school ensemble takes challenging text to the next level in meaningful production classes. The rehearsals involve advanced acting technique training, with an emphasis on speech and voice, as well as physical transformation.

At the heart of it all, we ask our high school students to inspire each other with risk-taking, in-depth character explorations and working from a grounded sense of self. Plays are performed twice at the end of the semester.

Shakespeare and Devised Scene Work

$470 For the Semester

Middle School Ensemble

Our middle school ensemble works on complex material and relishes a challenge. From Greek Myths to Shakespearean Histories to classics of American Theater, we love a great play. Students inspire each other and do work that is brave, specific and nuanced.

As You Like It

$658 For the Semester

Classic & Contemporary Scene Study

$660 For the Semester

Mini Musicals

For ages 4-6

Self-expression and artistry are the name of the game in our Mini Musical program.

Kids work in-depth on a specific show and use it’s plot as a springboard for their own mini-plays. Through improvisation and creative movement they flex their imaginative muscles.

We then layer on theater technique: Students learn the basics of vocal warm-ups, character development, singing and choreography from our expert teachers.

The unique blend of play and performance is realized in a final “sharing” for friends and family, or in a virtual movie montage. Students get to showcase their abilities as young storytellers, singers and dancers!

Find a Mini Musical in Your School

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Musical Players

For grades 1-3 and 4-6.

Improvisation and theater games help stoke creativity, create an ensemble and develop the spirit of play as students rehearse a complete piece of theater in the semester. A great session for kids to increase confidence, craft, and their ability to work as part of an ensemble.

Kids learn how to create a character from a place of instinct and play. They also amass skills in singing, dance, speech, and improvisation taught by master teachers and performers at the top of their field.

VillainoUS: A New Play

$715 For the Semester

A Wrinkle in Time

$660 For the Semester

Outdoor Play Pods

Our curriculum supports vital social-emotional well-being as kids experience playing in-person. Groups are capped at 5 students and games are socially-distant while still being engaging, physical and artistic.  

We work to support children through a range of experiences, prioritizing peer-connection, gross-motor release and empowering new skills. Play/work takes place outdoors.

Join one of our groups that meets in a public park, or customize your own class for your child and their friends.

Create Your Own Play Pod

$160 Per Class

Shakespeare Players

For ages 8-12

Young people become confident with Shakespeare’s world, language and characters as they learn how to interpret a role with technique and courage. Classically trained professional actors assist the players in their physical, vocal and emotional transformations.

All Shakespeare Players teaching artists are classically trained professional actors and have performed Shakespeare both on and off Broadway and in regional theaters across the country.

In addition to core teaching staff, in Shakespeare Ensemble we introduce a roster of exciting guest teachers who will use their specific expertise (Text, Comedia dell Arte, Stage Combat) to enrich our rehearsals.

The Tempest

$658 For the Semester