At Child’s Play NY we have an array of options to keep kids social, thriving and safe this season! Please reach out if you need financial assistance to participate in our programming.

In-Person Programs

Outdoor Play Pod Classes

Our curriculum supports vital social-emotional well-being as kids experience playing in-person. Groups are capped at 5 students and games are socially-distant while still being engaging, physical and artistic.  

We work to support children through a range of experiences, prioritizing peer-connection, gross-motor release and empowering new skills. Play/work takes place outdoors.

Magical Creatures | Ages 4-6
Brooklyn Heights Cadman Plaza: Thursdays from 3p-4p, April 15-Jun 3
$280 for 8 Weeks, $35 to drop in

Hogwarts School | Ages 7-9
Fort Greene Park: Tuesdays from 3:30p-4:30p, April 13-June 1
Brooklyn Heights Cadman Plaza: Thursdays from 4:10p-5:10p, April 15-Jun 3
$280 for 8 Weeks, $35 to drop in

Create your own Play Pod with a group of friends! Classes can be customized for children ages 3-17.
Learn more about creating your own Play Pod class.

Online Programs

Scene Study and Drop-In Classes 

Kids develop characters and collaborate with actors and directors for a showcase they can be proud of! Improvisation and theater games spark creativity. These sessions are great for kids to increase confidence, craft, and their ability to work as part of an ensemble.

Hogwarts School Scene Study
Grades 1-3 | Thursdays from 3:30p-4:30p | $300 for 10 weeks or $30 to drop in| Starts April 8

Musical Theater Lab
Grades 3-6 | Mondays from 4p-5p | $330 for 11 weeks or $30 to drop in | Starts March 1

Grades 4-6 | Thursdays from 4p-5p | $330 for 11 weeks | Starts March 4

Production Classes 

Kids work together on a production that will be rehearsed and filmed over Zoom. They are cast in a play and work with a director, choreographer and music coach to bring the play to life. In addition to the rehearsals of the script, there is time for games and improvisation to bond the group and deepen their characters. They will be expected to do work outside of class to practice choreography, lyrics and lines. There is a final premiere to showcase and celebrate their experience.  

Shakespeare Scene Study
Sundays | $320 for 8 weeks | Starts April 18
Grades 3-5 | 2:30p-4p
Grades 6-8 | 4p-5:30p
Grades 9-12 | 5:35p-7:05p

Make a Movie

Produce, write and direct your very own film with the help of the Child’s Play NY team. Learn more here!

Small Group Classes 

Create your own custom class online with friends! 

Singing & Performance Coaching

Whether you want singing lessons or acting coaching with our team, the individual lessons support artistic growth at the most personalized level. 

In Schools

Customize classes for your school’s extra-curricular program – we can offer a limited number of in-person classes.

  • – Online theater classes for your school. 
  • – Co-curricular programming: academic residencies or Social-emotional support classes.
  • – Professional Development – support your staff to bring games and lively curriculum over Zoom to students during remote work.  Learn more about teacher training.

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