Outdoor Play Pods

Our curriculum supports vital social-emotional well-being as kids experience playing in-person. Groups are capped at 5 students and games are socially-distant while still being engaging, physical and artistic.  

We work to support children through a range of experiences, prioritizing peer-connection, gross-motor release and empowering new skills. Play/work takes place outdoors.

Join one of our groups that meets in a public park, or customize your own class for your child and their friends.

Play Pods in the Park

$40 Per Class

Child’s Play NY Play Pods will meet Saturday mornings in Cadman Plaza Park
Classes are capped at 5 kids.

Sessions for ages 4-6 meet from 9:30a-10:30a
Sessions for ages 7-9 meet 10:45a-11:45a

  • Ages: 4-6 and 7-9
  • Dates: 09/12/2020 - 09/26/2020
  • Time: 9:30a-10:30a or 10:45a-11:45a Saturday
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Create Your Own Play Pod

$160 Per Class

Make your own custom group to support social-emotional growth and play. We provide a dynamic teacher and our lauded curriculum that puts peer-interaction at the front and center. Sessions are built around a theme or content that brings your child joy! Custom classes are a special way to nurture what your child loves most and share that excitement with their friends.

  • Ages: 3-17
Create Your Own Class
“We are so thrilled with this class! My daughter comes home every day telling me all about what she’s been up to, and the imaginative play doesn’t end there – Dorothy the dragon who lives in a tree in Prospect Park has been calling her nonstop for days. The teachers have been so wonderful at adapting to the new environment, moving classes outdoors and utilizing activities that are naturally distanced, so that our kids don’t have to think about that and we all stay safe. After months of social isolation and loneliness for my little one, I finally got my joyful daughter back from just one day of Child’s Play!”
Amy Dunn