Mini Musicals

For ages 4-6

Self-expression and artistry are the name of the game in our Mini Musical program.

Kids work in-depth on a specific show and use it’s plot as a springboard for their own mini-plays. Through improvisation and creative movement they flex their imaginative muscles.

We then layer on theater technique: Students learn the basics of vocal warm-ups, character development, singing and choreography from our expert teachers.

The unique blend of play and performance is realized in a final “sharing” for friends and family, or in a virtual movie montage. Students get to showcase their abilities as young storytellers, singers and dancers!

5 year old in fun creative theatre class playing dress up

Create a Class!

Mini Musical themes include Frozen, Wizard of Oz, Once Upon a Time and more!

Create your own Mini Musical class today! Child’s Play NY will work with you to curate a class your child & their friends will love. Join dozens of families who customize Child’s Play NY classes to fit their kids’ needs.

Create Your Own Class

Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions.

— Albert Einstein

Play touches and stimulates vitality, awakening the whole person - mind, body, intelligence and creativity.

— Viola Spolin