Adventure Series

Children explore story-telling, song and creative movement in classes for the youngest of thespians.

Using their bodies, voices and minds, students re-interpret classic and contemporary children’s literature and are inspired to create their own adventures. Simple props and costumes help them bring their characters to life.

Connections are made to literature and the world around them. Classes encourage creative expression and confidence. The last day of class is open for family and friends.

While we offer Adventure Series summer camps, for the 2019-2020 school year we are only running sessions privately and in Battery Park Montessori School.

4-6 year old in princess fairytale dress up for fun theatre class

Create a Class!

Adventure Series themes include Superheroes On Stage, Animal Adventures, Magical Travels, Fairy Tale Theater and more!

Create your own Adventure Series class today! Child’s Play NY will work with you to curate a class your child & their friends will love. Join dozens of families who customize Child’s Play NY classes to fit their kids’ needs.


Create a Class

Nothing lights up the brain like play.

— Stuart Brown MD