Holiday Camps

Join Child's Play NY for dramatic play holiday camps! In these programs, campers create stories together, sing, dance and activate their imaginations. Working alongside talented theater teachers, they jump inside literature and act out adventures. The games build their social-emotional and executive function skills as well as teach joyful ways they can play at home too.

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Holiday Camps for Ages 3-4

Kids channel their own imaginations for dramatic play games, rescue missions, epic dances and good old-fashioned silliness. Campers are led by expert theater artists, trained in early childhood education and skilled at centering kids’ imaginative adventures. These sessions help kids work collaboratively, practice empathy, and gain confidence in a joyful setting...pure fun!

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Summer Camp

In our summer camps for ages 3-11, children learn the craft of acting from professional performers, and in doing so cultivate self-expression and artistry.

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