Our residency programs help students…

  • Build their social and emotional skills. As schools look for opportunities to integrate social and emotional learning into their in-school and after-school programs, our customized SEL workshops tie research-backed SEL competencies with meaningful Shakespeare theater events.
  • Explore and understand the human condition. The characters we explore are conflicted, complex and deeply human. In order to understand them, we have meaningful conversations about what it means to be human.
  • Boost executive functioning skills. We create opportunities for students to further hone their EF skills—like paying attention, remembering details, switching focus (and more!)—in a joy-filled, playful environment.
  • Tap into their innate empathy. Theatre making provides children with the skills they need to be compassionate. Each of our experiences is designed to help kids build their social and emotional intelligence through the artistry of theater and play.
  • Create connections and a sense of community. Theatre allows ALL kinds of kids to get outside themselves and build connections with one another.
  • Learn how to think outside of the box. The most innovative and successful organizations want employees who know how to think differently. Our theater programs teach kids how to build their imagination and continue to exercise it throughout their lives.
  • Bring the lessons they’re learning in the classroom to life. We partner with schools to create customized curriculums that tie in ELA and Common Core with meaningful theater events. Our Mock Trial and Shakespeare residency programs are thrilling learning experiences.  While they benefit classroom teachers they also provide indelible and exciting frameworks for academic material and an opportunity for kids to stretch themselves beyond what they thought possible.