We believe that through the theatrical arts, children build confidence, compassion and creativity.
In our programs, kids are empowered as they live inside of stories and characters and develop their skills as actors.
Our mission is to inspire young people to explore the creative process in order to become engaged participants in their world.

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Child's Play NY
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We have LOVED these children's drama classes! My daughter is SO excited each week and it's such a nice way to start off the weekend with some good energy! She has learned such amazing skills from class, including reenacting and reinterpreting stories- she will literally do this all day after class.
My children are 4 and 6 and literally count down the days until Child's Play class each week. They love learning songs, storytelling, and playing games. As a teacher, I love how the engaging instructors teach drama skills through imaginative play. The kids are stretching their creative abilities and learning important academic skills through storytelling.
Thanks to Child's Play NY, my 11 year old has an impressive knowledge of Shakespeare plays. She loves to discuss the plays and can do so more fluidly about them than I can. Jocelyn and her amazing team have helped my daughter gain confidence in general and as an actor. They have encouraged her to take on difficult challenges and given her the tools to do so. I highly recommend Child's Play NY.
The kids achieve great heights, and become dear friends because of their shared creative endeavor. Exceptional, amazing, fabulous. My daughter wants to be a Shakespearean actress, and reads Shakespeare for pleasure.
We have loved developing our relationship with Child's Play New York. There is creativity and thought poured into every movement, action and direction. We are so lucky to have them help us develop our Co-op School theater program!
Meredith Gray, The Co-Op School
We loved this class. Full disclosure- it was the best "kid" class we have taken since our daughter was a newborn. We loved helping with the costumes, rehearsing her lines with her, and especially loved the performance. We fully plan to sign her up for another class in the fall.
Liz, Parent
I highly recommend Child's Play summer workshops! My five-year-old daughter has been taking classes with Jocelyn who runs the program for the last year, including a summer workshop last summer. She has adored the classes!
Estella, Parent
I wanted to spread the word about a series of fantastic theater classes offered by Child's Play NY. My twin four year old son and daughter are just finishing with their second session of classes (they also took classes throughout the summer) and are absolutely wild about the class.
As the parent of a 6-year-old who participated in Child's Play, and as a professional who works with children, I was impressed by Child's Play staff's capacity to engage, inspire, and create a space for a positive, shared group experience based on trust.
Anonymous Mom
Our daughters love Child’s Play classes, which have enhanced their love for theatrical arts, creativity and confidence in performing for an audience. Jocelyn and all the instructors have an extremely impressive and high-level of training, credentials and professionalism.
Francesca, Parent
Jocelyn was an exceptional addition to our classroom community . Though our class had a set of diverse needs, Jocelyn was able to seamlessly integrate every child in our into the drama experience, mentoring them along the way. With Jocelyn's facilitation, our students became reflective and confident performers in our original play production of "Bullied: the musical".
Tara Maurice PS 3 Head Teacher
I love the fact that when Jocelyn teaches me, my mind opens wide to her acting magic of mime or humor, even how you can turn an ordinary classroom into a magical land.
Greer Gibney, Age 10
Our daughter’s ongoing enthusiasm for Jocelyn’s classes is a testament to Jocelyn’s skill and warmth. While Jocelyn is able to draw on her expertise in theatre to teach real acting practices and techniques, she does so in a way which inspires confidence and enthusiasm in kids of all levels of interest in drama.
Jennifer Jacobs, Parent
Jocelyn is an amazing teacher who brings out the best in her students. They are enthusiastic, eager and earnest about their performances. She has been a joy and mentor to my daughter.
Carrie Welch, Parent
Jocelyn is a teaching artist full of nurturing vitality and creativity. When I have observed her classes, and seen the final productions I am struck by how much the students are learning and how much fun they are having. Her classes are among the most popular that we offer at Packer.
John Lombardo, Head of After-School at Packer Collegiate Institute
I highly recommend Jocelyn Greene and Child's Play. My 7 year old son was in the summer program and was so excited to go everyday. Jocelyn does wonderful work with the kids. She is both loving and supportive as well as professional. It was a wonderful confidence building experience for my son.
Lisa, Parent